If you’re going to Kelantan, there are a number of things to see which you will enjoy while you’re in the area. You can read more about the things to see in Kelantan below.

Kota Bharu

This is Kelantan’s capital and it’s one of the best places in Malaysia to go to if you want to eat good food. It’s a small city, but it’s full of life during the day and quiet and peaceful as the night approaches. The handicrafts which are produced for the tourists and the market are two important things to consider when you’re in town.

Cultural Centre

The town’s Cultural Centre can be found in Kota Bharu, on Jalan Mahmud and it allows you to learn a lot about the culture and the heritage of the Kelantan province. You will find here demonstrations of hobbies and folk arts, including Rebana (which is Malay drums), Silat (with Malay martial arts) and Wayang Kulit (with shadow puppets). You should take advantage if you’re in the area between March and October, since it’s closed during the rest of the year.

Gunung Stong

This is the highest mountain from the province and it has a height of 1142 meters. While you’re climbing the mountain you can also visit the Fish Cave (Gua Ikan), which got its name from a rock formation which looks like a fish. There is a legend about it, saying that the invader Japanese hid gold in the cave, but it was never found. If you enjoy swimming, the Jelawang waterfall gives you this opportunity.

Istana Jahar

This is the name of a palace found in Kelantan’s capital, which was built by a Sultan in 1887. These days it’s a museum which shows off the culture of Kelantan and what it has to offer. You will find here all kinds of exhibits, including artifacts and photographs. The building is made from wood and it has patterns which are quite complex, something to admire if you’re in the area.

Kuala Koh

This is a point of entrance to the Taman Negara Pahang, which can be reached if you drive for two hours starting from Gua Musang. In the park there are chalets where visitors can stay while they’re enjoying their vacation and the beauties from the area.

Kuala Krai Mini Zoo and Museum

This is found 64km from the town of Kota Bharu and there are a lot of animals to see here, from bears to deers and monkeys.