Looking for things to do in Kelantan? Read on and you will get a pretty good idea of the things one can do when he finds himself in the beautiful province of Malaysia known as Kelantan.

Something that a lot of people love to do here is go to the beach. Whether you just relax while reading a book or you do some other beach activity, it’s always fun. Some of the local beaches come with sailing craft which you can hire. Another thing you can do is get some goggles and do some snorkeling or you can simply get a nice tan on the beach.

If the beach isn’t your thing, you might enjoy some handicrafts, which can be found at a museum from Kelantan. Some of the things you can see there include wood carvings, songket, batik and silverware. Even if you’re not interested in this type of stuff, it can still be a good opportunity to buy something local, which will remind you of the good times you had in Kelantan.

Another thing you can do while you’re here is take a trip to one of the fishing villages which are found on the coast. Sabak Beach is located just 14km away from the town of Kota Bharu and it’s well known in the region. You can look at the fishermen, as they’re coming back from a hard work at sea, in their colorful boats. You can also be a witness as the fishermen and the customers haggle over the price of the fish on the beach. Net mending and fish drying are also things you can witness when you’re in the area.

Trekking in the jungle is one of those things that most people try to do in the area. You will love the rain forests of Malaysia, which are unique and some of the oldest ones from our planet. You can go to a national park, take a jungle trek with a guide, during the night or the day and it will be one of the best things you could do in the area. There are many trees, mammals and insects to enjoy during your jungle trek.

If you enjoy visiting zoos, you can go to the town of Kuala Krai, which is just 40 miles from Kota Bharu. You will enjoy the birds, monkeys, deer and bears which are found there, as well as the preserved animals collection and the documents which talk about the Kuala Krai founding.