Kelantan, Malaysia

Kelantan's Coats Of Arms

Kelantan is one of the states of Malaysia, which occupies a total area of 14,922 sq. km. and has a population of 1,635,000 people. The capital of Kelantan is Kota Bharu, which is also the state’s royal seat.

The province of Kelantan can be found to the NE from the Peninsular Malaysia and it has as neighbors Thailand in the north, the Perak province in the west, Terengganu province in the SE and to the south you can find Pahang. This province also borders the South China Sea to the NE.

The Kelantan state is one that is mainly agrarian, which has many rustic fishing villages, beaches lined with casuarina and lush paddy fiels. This state is where some of the oldest archaeological discoveries from Malaysia have been found and this includes a number of prehistoric aboriginal villages.